And So The Journey Begins!

And So The Journey Begins!

It’s been many years since I last wrote a blog/diary entry. I never knew what to write about, and at such a young age nothing exciting was going on in my life that I felt was worth writing down.

I’ve been an avid reader from a very young age, always preferring the escapism of books to tv shows or films. Although I’m not going to call myself a book reviewer (I don’t feel that I have the literary skills or knowledge to critique a piece of work that has actually made it to publication), this blog has been made with the intentions of sharing my adventures with whoever feels that they want to take the time to read.

These past couple of years, I have been participating in the yearly PopSugar Reading Challenges to keep my love of books alive, and to also encourage me to read books that I ordinarily would not even glance at. Once I have completed this years challenge, I will post my list here on this blog.

For each book that I read, whether it is part of my reading challenge or not, I will post it here and write up a little bit about it; what I enjoyed, how the storyline and characters made me feel. Should you happen to stumble upon this website by accident and enjoy what you read, feel free to kick back and follow me on my literary adventures.

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